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  • 100th Student's Club Valedictory

  • Muthamil Vizha 2010

Our Motto "Unite the Farm graduates in one umbrella to talk in once voice"Every educational institute have the alumni as independent functioning body why not the big agricultural fraternity should have Alumni and unite for common goals and let us forget our divergent colors and come to common platform to raise the voice of world largest agricultural community.

The TNAU alumni are not the forum to address and solve all the issues related to agriculture faced in India and all over the world. There are many national and international level institutions are established to serve that purpose. The role of TNAU alumni is unique in its role in the world agriculture. The TNAU alumni will network its alumni and work hand in hand with various agriculture related institutions and individuals and whenever common issues arises it will address it as one voice altogether.

The backbone of Indian agriculture always in the hand of farm graduates who graduate from the 100 year old institution. TNAU graduates still hold the key positions in the world agricultural scientific and Agri based activities scattered around the world. We need common platform to know each other to address and concern with the Nobel cause and intention. The TNAU alumni want to outspread the message that we are deep rooted community in the agricultural world. more info

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